FERRONI 1945 - Lavorazione artistica Rame, Ottone e Ferro battuto

Ferroni, craftsmen for over 70 years.

The company was created by Mr. Adelco Ferroni in 1945, due to a precarious family situation, he attended various workshops of Masters Ramai located in his hometown, Mosciano Sant'Angelo (Te). In these workshops Adelco learn a trade in the years relegates him a point of reference in the field of processing of metals Art throughout Italy and beyond. The company, which for several years has moved in Martinsicuro (Te), is managed by the Ferroni family, with deep experience, produces the highest quality and design objects for the furnishing of apartments, villas, restaurants, churches, public gardens and private, etc. The quality of materials used, the attention to detail, originality of the products allow us to satisfy the most particular requests. In addition, the company Ferroni 1945 offers a wide assortment of items, strictly artisan production, vintage items from all over the world.
Ferroni, craftsmen for over 70 years